Plane Finder 3D Hodnocení aplikace

It’s ok

You see lots of cool stuff but can’t find out in-depth info about the plane like u can in the lite version and the non-3D version

Map clarity unreadable

Cannot find my way to my location

No planes

No planes


As of right now, I think it’s neat. But I want to see what aircraft it is, and easily. Why can’t I see that detail? With the non-3D plane finer app, it clearly shows the model of each aircraft. I hope this feature gets added soon. Since it isn’t a free app.

Like a lot

But need show the real planes. The A320 doesn't look a 737. The A330 is not the 777. Simple. But so far so good. I hope you fixed this mistake soon


Following a plane, it doesn’t change its course or land. As long as you are watching, it just keeps going straight.


Don’t waste your money. The software and details are pathetic.


Can it display the Google hybrid map? What about fixing the login display? I have to find my airport each time I login. Connection to Plane Finder works but I see no way to get back easily to 3D. Seems to be an app that needed more work before release.

Couple things

-A display day/night boundary on the map (wherever applicable) -real paint liveries on every aircraft.



Great app idea

This app is a lot of fun to use and it’s really cool. Like many other reviews, I wish it had the flights ETA and what kind of plane it is. I still need to use a different app to search by flight number or if I’m curious what plane someone is flying on, but I’d love for all that information to be included in one app.

Great app! But needs more features

I really love this app! But I think it needs more features, like how many hours a flight is; what time the plane should arrive and how many hours they traveled so far. You should also include what type of aircraft (not airline) is.

Amazing app


Very good, needs features

It’s really very good app, is captivating and a lot of fun to use. But it suffers greatly from the lack of ability to tap on the screen to get information about flights around the flight if you’re tracking. For example you’re looking at a flight in 3-D and you can see other plans ahead of it but when you tap on those planes you’re directed to the information on that plane and it’s pretty hard to get back to the original flight that you were tracking. So they don’t make it easy for you to stick with one flight but understand what’s going on around that. The AR implementation as it currently is is pretty useless. It basically puts the typography on the surface in front of you but navigating his rudimentary and a lot of the ability you would expect isn’t there. So yeah it’s worth the five dollars and I suspect the developers have plans to address the navigation issues

Total lack of info

This app is a disappointment compared to the two D version. In many instances the information provided is also inaccurate!

What a handy useful Flight tracking soflware!

Fantastic Flight tracking software! I enjoy using it! Bravo for such a great package!

Does not work!

I want to look up my husband’s flight and it says search plane finder for flights but that does not activate when I press on it on the touchscreen.

Great App and Some Suggestions

This is a really great app for anyone interested in aviation. Though however there could be some improvements made. First you could add more types of aircrafts. I don’t believe that Boeing 737s fly across the Atlantic regularly. You could add planes such as the Boeing 747 and the Airbus A380. Another suggestion is that you could add more detail to the information on the aircraft. Particularly things like the model, time when it departed and future arrival time, and if the aircraft is private or commercial. There’s other bug fixes that aren’t extremely important as well. There are some things that wouldn’t need to be necessary but I think would be cool to see. Maybe 3D buildings in larger cities and information about different airport. Overall this is a great app and I hope you continue to improve it.


Way off.

To hard to find flights

Put in the airline and flight # And all kinds of garbage comes up except the airline and flight number

Doesn’t show relevant aircraft flights

I input 5 recent flight numbers and none of them displayed. The only flights that appeared as an option were overseas international carriers. No US domestic flights or N numbers.

Intermittently drops my followed flight.

I like the interface, great visual too, but I’m finding that it intermittently drops a followed flight.

Come on

Terribly unfinished. Most of the time, can’t even find the flight you’re trying to track. 3D looks terrible. Update please. Not worth the $5

Missing flights and data

Cool view but missing many flights available on most other flight trackers. Seems like over half the flights that do appear are missing all flight data. Contacted app developers but they never wrote back. Nice idea, but poorly executed and certainly not worth paying for when other free trackers are more useful. Really wanted to like it, but I feel like a sucker for buying.

Cool app.

The earth is flat.

Poor relation

Looks cool. But poor relation of main app. Wrong info displayed and limited data. Needs major review. Aircraft are incorrect. For example they showed a Global Express for a BAE 146 when tracking a CityJet flight Ex DUB. Also A330 for A340 SA JNB HKG. Or Easy Jet flying 737s? No aircraft livery. I want my money back. Don’t buy. Greedy app developer. Bought original. Should have been free upgrade.

Terrible app

The original plane finder app much better. This one is hard to navigate and no settings to adjust your preferences. The 3D part is ok but stick with the original.

Best plane app ever!

I bought this a couple of weeks ago and have been amazed at how much detail and information is offered in this app. The 3D mode is amazing. Well worth the price!

Love it...but

Very cool app… Works very well… My only wish is that they would embed all the other flight data found in the original app such as airline aircraft type, speed, etc. to access this data… You have to still open the other app for the same flight… The two apps are connected, but it would be nice if it was all in one app

Not worth it

3D. That’s it! No equip/flght info. If it’s there tutorial is no help. Reg Plane Finder much better.

User Unfriendly

In comparison to the free Plane Finder basic version this wasn’t worth the money or the time trying to figure out the way it worked. The controls weren’t user friendly and became aggravating. I deleted the app shortly after I bought it.

Rip Off II

Agree with earlier reviewer. $4.99 goes the way of lost luggage. And if this does not work with latest iOS on the latest iPadPro, where it it supposed to work?

Not so good

I have the original point finder which shows many more planes and where they’re going or coming from. This one that cost money doesn’t show all the planes and never knows where they’re coming or going from. Needs work spent money for nothing

Family Freedom

You know how parents can be! All the questions about departures and arrivals. This app takes the guesswork away


OK, way cool! I am pinching pennies right now due to buying Christmas gifts for the family, but this is the best i have ever felt over paying for an app in years! This is a must-get, and I've only started playing with it.

Love the app

I love the app. I just hope that an update will come out that puts the paint work of the airline on the 3d rendering of the planes. Nothing big 10/10 recommendation for plane enthusiasts.


How to prevent screen sleep?

Rip Off

Do not, I repeat DO NOT, pay $4.99 for this scam. The original Plane Finder for $3.99 gave tons of fun information. Now you don’t get hardly any info anymore and the 3D version is just no information looking at a cheesy 3D plane. Wish I could get my money back for both. I have no idea why you can no longer track flights, see departure & arrival times that was so helpful. Info about the plane you’re on. But poof! It’s gone. And for a combined total of $9, you too can have no info. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!

Multi leg flights hard to locate

In trying to locate a flight where flight number is the same for multiple segments, the flight can not be found. Example Southwest Airlines flight 63. Seattle- Las Vegas - Houston. Shows up as Seattle Houston, and not tracked. It is at this moment one hour in the air for the first leg. Hope you get this fixed.


It’s awesome


Tech is finally catching up to my imagination!

Neat, but missing flight info

This is a fun way to visualize flights...just needs to be cleaned up a bit: Seems to be missing flight information for a lot of flights (see “currently no journey data to display” quite a lot). Also looks like aircraft altitude is not being mapped into the 3D space correctly. Tracked the same flight in this and FlightRadar24....flightradar showed the aircraft correctly on the ground after landing, this shows the plane still 2000 feet in the air over KLAS.


Works great


ياربت بكون في باللغة العربية في الاعدادات .

Great app

It’s very great app it can show you all the airplanes that flies around the world


Lots of fun but some flights that are on this app are not on older version and this one doesn’t have a lot of destinations. Definitely lots of fun ! It’s a must have

Plane Finder 3D


Plane finder

It too early to write a review I will write after testing this it Thank you sir

So so

Needs some fine tuning. No way to adjust settings. Plane speed is not in miles per hour. Satellite images for ground terrain are extremely outdated (20 plus years old). It would be a neat feature if the screen and terrain depicted what it would look like with dark conditions at night. The regular plane finder app is outstanding.

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